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goldilocks and the three bears!

Created by natnav12 on November 11, 2010

One day, a little girl called Goldilocks decided to visit the three bears, however, when she got there, the house was empty. She then walked in and all she could smell as the sweet smell of porridge the bears had prepared themselves for when they got back from their walk. There were three bowls. Goldilocks couldn’t resist the sweet temptation so took the biggest bowl and began to eat. When she put the spoon in her mouth, she swallowed with a sour look on her face. “Too salty,” she said to herself. She then tried the medium bowl “Too sweet,” she said. Goldilocks tried the last bowl with a delighted look on her face. “Just right!” she said. Goldilocks put the bowl down and looked round the room for a chair.

Comments (4)

December 09, 2010
wow natalia this is very good! from lia (at school) x
December 09, 2010
i think it is really good well done!!!!
December 06, 2010
very good!
November 15, 2010
I made this book and I hope everyone likes it!